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Harry Potter - Harry/Ron - Neighbors

Title: Neighbors
Author: kueble
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Theme: 32. Neighbors
Rating: PG
Word Count: 579
Disclaimer: I don't own them. JRK is a goddess.
Summary: Harry finds that he enjoys his new house, despite the neighbors they have.

When Ron had suggested building a house on the edge of his parent’s property, Harry hadn’t really thought through what that would mean. Now that he knew the chaos that came from being neighbors with the Weasleys, he wouldn’t change a thing, though. Sure, they might be woken up in the middle of the night by an excited Arthur who finally realized how to charm his toaster to work, but it was all in good fun.

Really, just waking up in a comfortable bed, huddled under a pile of quilts and sleeping next to Ron was the only way Harry would picture his mornings from now on. Their house might be small, but it almost rivaled the size of the Burrow. If a family of eight could make due in the crammed space of the Burrow, then two young lovers could handle living in a newly built house next door.

Harry lost count of the days he wandered around the property, just taking in the way the breeze blew through the trees or how the sun glinted off the pond. Ron was gone a lot of the time due to his job as the Cannons’ backup keeper, but Harry found plenty of amusement in the fields surrounding his house.

He could have gotten a job, but the war had taken a lot out of him, and Harry felt like lazing about for a year or two before seeking out a career. He was more than content to spend his time looking after the house and visiting Molly. She had improved both his cooking and cleaning charms, much to the joy of Ron. Harry would soon be able to provide a meal as delicious as one of Molly’s. It didn’t matter, though. Ron had sat diligently through the brunt or unseasoned meals and told Harry how wonderful they were, even though each man knew he was lying.

He was sprawled out on his back, watching the wind rustle the branches of the Willow tree he was under when Ron apparated next to him. His robes were caked with mud, and his shaggy red hair was messier than usual. Harry took one look at him and broke out in a huge grin. “You started!” he cried out, leaping off of the ground and into his boyfriend’s arms.

“It was bloody amazing!” Ron shouted in his ear, causing Harry to cringe, “Wilson got injured during practice, so I got to start in today’s game. We won by 80 points! I’ve never felt so good up on my broom as I did this afternoon. They’re thinking of starting me next weekend, even if Wilson’s back up to par. Brilliant, isn’t it? I’ve got a ticket for you if you want.”

“Obviously I want it, you arse!” Harry laughed and hugged Ron tighter. He crushed their lips together, tasting the wind and a hint of butterbeer on Ron’s tongue. Ron pushed him back against the tree trunk and deepened the kiss. Harry let out a small moan and ground his hips against Ron’s. With a sigh, Ron broke the kiss and grinned at Harry.

“I think any further celebrations will have to continue inside,” Ron said with a leer. He winked at Harry and pulled him away from the Willow tree.

“Yeah,” Harry chuckled, “I really wouldn’t want the neighbors to catch us in the act.” Ron joined in, and they practically ran to their house, intent on beating the other to their bed.
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