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Prompt: #8 Exaggerate (CSI:M - Horatio/Speed/Eric)

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Title: I’m Not A Slut
Author: Bj Jones
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: Don’t own them. They are owned by various executives, producers and studios who have more lawyers on retainer than I want to mess with. I’m not making any money and promise to return them – one day.
Summary: He really wasn’t the lab slut
Beta: Star (Gil), Dj (Lockheed)
Warning: Does threesome count as a warning? Anyway – don’t like – don’t read.
Challenge: 40 Baisers – Horatio/Speed/Eric
Prompt: # 8 Exaggerate
Word Count: 976


Eric resented the rumors that went through the lab. He wasn’t a slut. He didn’t sleep with everyone in the lab. He wasn’t even sure how that rumor got started. So he had dated a few of the women in the lab; that’s it though, dated. He didn’t sleep with one of them; his sexual prowess was highly exaggerated.

Eric moaned deep in his throat as his hard cock was sucked on so expertly. He looked up to see Speed swirl his tongue around the head and then take him down whole. Two strong hands on his hips kept him from pushing into that warm mouth. His head fell back onto the broad shoulders of Horatio as he panted so close to release.

“Please… let me come,” he begged shamelessly. His lovers had kept him on edge for what seemed like hours.

“Should we let him come?” Horatio purred next to Eric’s ear. “Do you think he’s been a good boy?”

Speed let the hard cock drop from his mouth as he sat back, an evil grin on his face. “He’s been naughty.”

Eric groaned in frustration. “I wasn’t flirting!”

They both just looked at him. “You were flirting.” Speed moved up and kissed him. “Gave him that cute little smile, and then wiggled that tight ass of yours as you walked away.”

“I…” He looked at his two lovers and tried to think back. “I didn’t mean to.”

Horatio looked at Speed who shook his head. “I think he needs to be reminded who he belongs to.”

“Definitely,” the redhead agreed. “On your knees, Eric.”

Eric quickly and eagerly obeyed, spreading his legs apart in blatant invitation.

“Someone’s eager.” Horatio leaned over and kissed Speed deeply. “Do you want to fuck his mouth or ass?”

Tim’s eyes darkened in lust. “I want to fuck that sweet wiggling ass.”

Eric moaned at the anticipation of having Speed thick cock ramming into him, while his mouth watered thinking of swallowing down Horatio’s cum.

“Oh look at him, all eager to let us do what we want.” Horatio kneeled in front of the younger man. “Open your mouth.”

Eric opened up, his tongue sneaking out and licking at the swelled head, and the taste that he would only describe as Horatio exploded on his tongue. He moaned and slid his tongue down the hard shaft then back up before taking the head into his mouth and sucking on it gently.

Horatio slid his hand into the short dark hair and held him to his aching cock. “You are so good at this, on your knees drinking me down.”

He kept licking at the hard member, treating it like a tasty treat, wanting nothing more than to take it fully down, have the redhead shoot his load down his eager throat. Eric moaned when he was suddenly and fully entered in one hard thrust. He closed his eyes and savored the feel of Speed’s thick cock inside of him. He took a deep breath and opened up and took Horatio fully into his mouth.

Speed pounded into the tight ass, moaning as he dove in deeper each time, his cock sliding over that one spot. Eric met each thrust with his own, taking it hard and deep. Pleasure coursed through his veins as his prostate was raked over. Relaxing his throat, he took Horatio’s cock further down. In time Horatio just let loose and began fucking his mouth. Eric was completely lost in the sensations as his lovers took him thoroughly. He was so close to the edge, and neither man had touched him. He moaned as each thrust into him just brought him close to completion.

Horatio watched his cock slide in and out of the talented mouth, his orgasm quickly approaching. His hand gripped into the dark hair as he pushed all the way in and screamed out his release. Eric took everything eagerly swallowing every drop, then proceeded to lick him clean. The redhead sagged back against the headboard, spent from his orgasm. He watched as Speed's thrust became harder and deeper, his face tight with need, so close to the edge. With a sudden shout and hard thrust into the willing body, Speed came hard, spilling his seed deep inside his lover. He collapsed onto Eric’s back panting softly.

Eric whimpered; he was so hard and wanted nothing more to come, but the cock ring prevented him from reaching completion. “Please…” he cried.

“I think he’s been good.” Horatio lifted Eric’s head up and kissed him deeply, before Speed pulled him up and into his arms, exposing him to Horatio’s hungry gaze. The redhead bent down and took the weeping cock into his mouth. As he sucked on the head, gently he reached down and unhooked the cock ring, and with a shout Eric came, spurting his seed down his lover’s throat.

The three collapsed into the bed sated and content.

Eric grumbled softly. He wasn’t really a slut. Really he shared his bed with his two lovers, Speed and Horatio, and on occasion, Ryan, if he was good. He looked up to see the third sitting quietly in the chair, wide-eyed and hard as a rock, eagerly waiting his turn. He had no idea where the lab got the idea he was a slut, no idea at all.

~ The End ~

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