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Prompt #37 - That Which is Lost (CSI:M - Horatio/Speed/Eric)

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Title: Suite Redemption
Author: Bj Jones
Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: I don’t own them – never will. *sniff* They are owned by various executives, producers, writers and studios who have more lawyers on retainer than I ever want to mess with. Not making any money *sniff* and I promise to return them – sooner or later.
Summary: It’s been five years…
Beta: Star (Gil)
Warning: Threesome – which means three repeat three guys getting it on – so as all my previous warnings – if you don’t like it – Don’t read it
Author’s Note: Challenge from Mistress – three lovers who had not seen each other in years come together.
Challenge: 40 Baisers – Horatio/Speed/Eric
Prompt: #37 – that which is lost
Word Count: 5810

~ Chicago, IL ~

Horatio quickly grabbed his bags from the cab driver, paid him and moved into the hotel lobby where it was warm. His Miami blood was too thin for Chicago’s cold weather. The redhead set his bag down at the check-in counter. He had a suite, an advantage of being the Director of the Lab.

There was an ache in his heart, thinking back to the lonely coronation of the new position. Calleigh, who was now supervisor of the Day shift, was there, along with Ryan and Alexx. He had foolishly looked around hoping to see them, either of them, but to no avail the night had ended and he had gone home alone, again.

That had been two years ago. Horatio smiled at the young woman and grabbed his bags and headed for the elevators. This was one conference that he wasn’t going to miss. He had made sure his calendar was cleared, that the registration fees got in on time, and that he was registered for one particular panel.

‘Soil properties can show where a kill has been and where he’s going.’ – By Dr. Timothy Speedle.

It was time to confront his past, and reclaim what he lost. Horatio sighed as he entered the suite; he just hoped Speed was willing to talk to him. He had been the reason for the break-up. His fear of losing Speed had driven the man away. But he didn’t just lose Speed; he had lost Eric.

He had been quite surprised when he ended up in both men’s arms, so different in temperament and looks, but loving him the same. For once in his life he had felt happy and content. Then it all had fallen apart.

~ Flashback ~

Speed rested on the couch, recuperating from the gunshot wound he had received at the jewelry store. The fear that had gone through Horatio when he heard the sickening sound of a misfire, still coursed through his veins. The young man was on his way to recovery, and soon he would be back in the lab and out into the field and that thought alone had scared Horatio to no end.

“Are you comfortable?” Eric asked, sitting down next Speed. “I can fluff the pillows…”

Eric had gone into full mother hen mode over their wounded lover. It must be a trait he got from Mama Delko. Horatio watched the two of them on the couch. Speed shook his head and settled into the younger man’s arms, drifting off to sleep. Eric had looked over at him, beckoning him to join them. Horatio had shook his head and moved towards the office. He had needed time to think.

Unfortunately it all came to a head the day before Speed was due back in the lab. Horatio was sitting on the bed, watching him get everything ready to go back to work. Speed had passed all his tests easily, including the firearms exam. Soon both of them would be out in the field, in danger. And there would be nothing Horatio could do to save them…he was going to lose them.

“Make sure you gun is cleaned and in working order.” Horatio’s eyes were on the offending piece of equipment. If it had done its job in the first place he wouldn’t be sitting here…

Speed looked at him. “It’s clean, H, and to remind you it was clean that day. The firing pen malfunctioned.”

“I don’t want you in that situation again.” He ran a hand through his hair. “That’s twice I’ve leaned over you while you were down…”

“I admit Dispo Day was my fault, but the jewelry store was a freak accident.” The young man stared at his lover. “What’s going on with you?”

“Nothing.” Horatio moved off the bed, moving towards the door. “You’ve been out of work for a while and I just want to make sure…”

“That’s not what I meant.” Speed put a hand on his arm. “You’re avoiding me and Eric, and since I announced I was cleared for the lab, you’ve been downright antsy and irritable.”

The redhead looked at his lover. “I can’t do this.”

“Do what?” he asked, eyes wide.

“Watching you go back out in to the field.” Horatio left the bedroom and grabbed his keys on the breakfast bar.

“What the fuck do you mean by that?” Speed followed him, grabbing his arm, stopping the redhead before he got to the door.

“My heart stopped when I saw you fall…” he pulled out of Speed’s grip. “I just can’t do it again…”

“So you want me to quit?” he demanded arms crossed. “What about Eric?”

“Eric’s gun has jammed on him twice!” Horatio yelled. “You just don’t get how dangerous a cop's life is…You wrap yourself up in the science, oblivious…”

Speed stepped back in shock. “So I’m not a cop like you and Eric, so I’m a liability?”

“You strap your gun on like you do your badge, no concept of how to handle it,” H yelled. “One day you won’t be lucky… and I’ll be the one holding you while you bleed out.”

“I’ve never claimed to be a cop like you or Eric. I’ve always been a scientist,” he argued back. “But I learned the importance of my gun from Dispo Day. And for you to stand here and treat me like I’m some idiot geek who doesn’t know or understand the horrors of the job is unfair.”

The two stared at each other, emotions on the edge. Speed stepped back and looked at one of his lovers. “I’m not understanding where this is coming from…I know you’re scared, hell I am about going back…”

“You have no idea the emotional strain I’ve been through since you’ve been shot.” Horatio snapped. “Watching you struggle to breathe, then the pain filled nights, and knowing you’ll go back and it will happen all over again…”

“I’m sorry, okay.” Speed threw his hands up. “I’m sorry my gun was a shitty piece of equipment. I’m sorry some assholes decided to try and rob rich people out of their jewels; I’m sorry some lowlife decided to make a fast buck by taking that boy. I’m sorry! What the fuck more do you want.”


Speed stumbled, tripping over the coffee table and falling onto the ground. He looked up at his lover, tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry…”

Horatio jerked away from the scene and stormed out of the house.

~ Present ~

It was the last time he would see Speed. He had slept in the office, not wanting to go home and face either man. He had known he had owed Speed an apology and that they all needed to sit down and talk it out, but that opportunity never arose.

The next morning a package showed up in his office; it was Speed’s gun and badge with a note simply stating he resigned. By the time he had gotten to their house, Speed was gone along with his stuff.

He ended up facing an irate Eric.

~ Flashback ~

“What the fuck did you do?” Eric demanded, pushing him against the wall. “I came home to find Speed crying and upset; he kept muttering that he was sorry. I had finally got him into bed asleep when I got a call from my mother…”

Horatio pulled out of the younger man’s grip. “We had an argument.”

“Must have been one fucking argument for Speed to run,” he growled.

“I…” he hesitated. “I can’t get it out of my head… him lying there…”

“So you, what? Blamed him for getting shot!” Eric screamed. “Fuck, Horatio…”

The redhead stood defiantly. “He didn’t have to leave…”

“Well, when the one you love most in the world blames you for his nightmares, what other choice is there…” Eric threw him the note and stormed out of the house.

Horatio looked down at the note, his heart breaking with each word. Suddenly everything became clear – Speed and Eric were his life. His biggest fear was losing them, and now he had.

‘Horatio, I’m sorry that I’m the cause of your nightmares. I love you too much to bring you pain, so I’ve resigned my position at the lab and have left Miami. Maybe now you can heal and move on with your own life. Tell Eric I’m sorry – I’m obviously a failure when it comes to those I love… because to save one I’m hurting the other… Fuck… I’m just sorry – Speed.’

~ Present ~

He had been surprised Eric hadn’t quit on the spot, but his dedication to his job and family kept him in Miami. Then he had met Marisol Delko, and whatever relationship he might have had with Eric had been destroyed.

The day after her funeral, Eric was gone, his badge and gun sitting on Horatio’s desk with a very similar simple note of resignation.

He had lost everything, and he had no one to blame but himself. He threw himself into his work. He haunted the lab, not wanting to go home to an empty house. The labs solve rate excelled and he was soon promoted to Director of the Lab. It was an empty accomplishment. He would have been happier day shift supervisor with Eric and Speed by his side.


Horatio sat in the back and watched as Speed gave his lecture. The past five years had been good to him. He looked sharp in a suit, despite the scruffy cheeks still present. He had done well over the past years. He had read up on his bio, while waiting for the lecture to start. Speed had never stepped back out in to the field; instead he went into academics, got his PhD in two years and was now teaching at University of Southern California.

He really wasn’t sure what possessed him to fly to Chicago to see the younger man. He owed the man an apology… If he was honest with himself, part of him hoped to rekindle what they had. He closed his eyes against the pain that swept through him.

He stayed hidden in the shadows and watched people congratulate his once lover. Pride surged through him at what he has accomplished. The crowd thinned out and Horatio knew it was now or never. He walked up the deserted conference room towards the front, his eyes only on the young man in front of him.


Horatio startled and turned towards the familiar voice, Eric. Speed turned around and paused when he caught sight of both men. Eric followed Speed’s line of sight and stared at the redhead.

Horatio ran his hand through his hair, not surprised really to see Eric. The moment Speed’s name had been published in that panel list; he must have known both men would seek him out.

The three stared at each other, not sure what to say or do. Speed sighed and grabbed his bag. “I’m not dealing with this in public or sober.”

“I have a mini bar and a suite.” Horatio gave them a small shrug.

“How did you get a suite?” Speed asked. “I’m a guest speaker and didn’t get one.”

“Miami-Dade Director of Lab gets perks.” Eric gave Horatio a small smile. “Alexx told me.”

“Congrats, H.” Speed’s smile was genuine. “You deserve it.”

Horatio blinked back the tears, and shook his head. “I… like Speed said privacy and alcohol would be good.”

“Lead the way, Director.” Speed motioned with his hand towards the door.

~ Horatio’s Suite ~

Speed dumped his bag on the table and moved straight for the mini-bar, grabbing the small bottles and sitting them down on the coffee table. Eric nabbed some glasses and ice and set them down next to the alcohol. He flopped down onto the couch and stared up at Horatio, who was fidgeting near the door.

“Horatio, sit have some scotch.” Speed motioned towards the chair.

He stared at the two men, overcome with emotion. He had waited five years to make this right, and now he just wanted to run. Speed stood up and moved towards the redhead. Horatio stepped back shaking his head.

“I shouldn’t have come…” He closed his eyes, tears spilling down his cheeks. “I’m sorry… God, I’m sorry… It’s been so hard… and it’s all my fault…” He wiped the tears off his cheeks and turned towards the door. “I’ll just go… Sorry I barged back …”

Speed moved past him and blocked his path. “You’re not getting out of this that easily.”

“Please, Speed… I’m just going to screw it all up again. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I came here.” Horatio tried to push past the younger man.

Speed pushed him up against the wall, pinning his hands above his head. “You’re here and we’re going to talk. You weren’t the only one who screwed up.”

Horatio looked into the dark eyes, seeing the same turmoil within them that he felt. “Speed…” He looked over at Eric, his eyes closing and slumping against the wall, the fight draining out of him. “It’s just not what I said to you…”

Eric moved off the couch and walked over the two men. He missed both of them terribly, and regretted never hunting Speed down that first day. He was so angry at both of them that he retreated into himself. By the time he got his own head out of his ass, he couldn’t find a trace of Speed, and Marisol had moved into his territory.

“We all had a hand in the situation.” Eric took Horatio’s hand and pulled him towards the couch. “Not one of us is fully to blame.”

“You did nothing…” Horatio shook his head at Eric. “It was my fears that drove Speed away, and it was me who,” he swallowed, “who slept with your sister.”

“You slept with his sister?” Speed asked in shock. “Wait, which one?”

Eric glared at Speed. “Not helping.”

“What, you have three…” he pointed out.

“Marisol,” Horatio answered as he leaned back into the chair. “I can’t explain it completely…”

“I can.” Eric looked at him. “She played the victim. I loved my sister, I still do. But she always wanted to be the center of attention. She was the only one who knew about us, the three of us…”

Horatio looked over at Eric eyes wide. “She knew?”

“Yes.” Eric nodded. “She also knew what happened; one too many beers and I was spilling my guts. Next minute I know she’s at the station all over you…”

“Where is she now?” Speed asked wondering if he would have to deal with a Mrs. Caine.

“She died three years ago,” Horatio and Eric said.

“Shot down by the Mala Noche,” Horatio added. “I never got to tell you how sorry I was…”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Eric laid a hand on his knee.

“She was killed because I married her.”

Speed sat back a bit in shock. “What the hell happened to us?”

“My own fears forced you out,” Horatio whispered. “You have no idea how sorry I am.”

“I shouldn’t have ran.” He sat back up. “My own insecurities surfaced and I ran, instead of dealing with the issue head on.”

“And I did nothing.” Eric looked at the two of them. “Nothing at all. I didn’t try to fix anything, just walked away.”

“Why did you come here?” Speed asked Horatio.

He looked into the dark eyes. “I never stopped loving you. I had hoped to see you, talk, maybe just maybe …”

“And Eric?” he whispered.

“If I could fix what was wrong between us, then we could find him…but honestly I think deep down I knew he would be here.” Horatio looked over at the other man. “Like me, drawn to the mere mention of your name.”

“He’s right…” Eric added. “I saw your name on the panel and knew I had to get here. Though I had called Alexx and found out Horatio was also attending.”

Speed stood up and sighed; he paced the room a few moments before stopping in front of them. “I have a confession.” He ran his hand through his unruly hair. “I took the conference and the panel knowing full well, one or both of you would show up.”

Horatio snorted. “Is it sad that instead of just picking up the phone and calling we made his elaborate set up to meet one another, yet we all had the same idea.”

“No.” Eric laughed. “It shows we think too much alike.”

“All I know,” Speed sighed, “is that I regretted walking away every day these past five years, and too much of a coward to call.”

Horatio stood up and moved towards the young man. “Forgive me?”

“I already have; please forgive me?” Speed whispered.

The redhead pulled him into his arms, relishing the feel of him. “Already have.” The kiss was slow and sweet. Horatio felt Eric’s hands on his waist; he let go of Speed’s lips and took Eric’s into a deep kiss. Eric pulled back, panting slightly, and he smiled at both of them. “I love you, and …”

Speed laid his finger over Eric’s mouth. “No more apologies. We’ve wasted enough time.” He pulled the taller man into a deep kiss.

Horatio slipped off his coat and tossed it onto the couch, his suit coat and tie following soon after. He slipped his arms around Eric and began to nibble down the elegant neck, while his hands slipped under the shirt, caressing soft skin. Eric moaned deep in his throat, his head falling onto the redhead's shoulder.

Speed grinned and began to unbutton Eric’s shirt, tweaking nipples as his hands explored the firm chest. He leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth, teasing it erect before moving to the other. Eric moaned his hand slipping into the dark hair while his other moved behind him to cup the hard erection he felt against his ass.

Horatio stepped back slightly, receiving a groan of disapproval from Eric. He pulled off the younger man's shirt and tossed it to the side, before moving his hands down his back, pausing at two long scars down his shoulder.

“Eric?” Horatio whispered, softly kissing the scars.

“Shark attack,” he said.

“What?” Speed looked at him with concern before turning him around and tracing his finger down the scars. “Where? When? How?”

“I’m fine,” Eric said as he turned back around. “I was diving off the coast of Australia…”

“Australia?” Tim smiled. “Deep sea diving? Wreckage salvage?”

“I’ve been working with a team for a few years now.” Eric nodded. “Though I kept tabs on the forensics world.”

Horatio stepped back, guilt filling him. Eric felt him move and turned, grabbing his hand. “Whatever you are thinking, stop. I, like Speed, didn’t have to leave, but I learned a lot about who I am out on that ocean, and don’t regret a moment. But I also knew one day this would happen…we are meant to be together. We just had to be apart to realize it.”

Speed reached past Eric and grabbed Horatio and pulled him towards the bedroom. “No more doubts, H.”

“I love you two so much,” he whispered. “I can’t live without you. I can’t go back to Miami alone, to an empty house and job.”

“You won’t.” Eric kissed the back of his shoulder. “I promise you none of us will ever be alone again.”

Speed pulled him into a deep kiss, his tongue demanding entrance. Tongues swept over each other as the kiss deepened. Horatio’s hand slipped under the button down shirt and slid over smooth skin. He began to kiss a path down the scruffy jaw and neck, moaning at the taste. Eric unbuttoned the redhead’s shirt and worked it off while Horatio refused to remove his mouth from that one spot behind Speed’s ear. It was the gasp from Eric that got him to look up at Speed, then over at Eric.

“You were complaining about a shark bite, H; what the hell happened?” Eric ran his hand over the one smooth back, now covered with scars.

Horatio buried his head into Speeds shoulder, lost for a moment in the memories. He felt him run a hand through his hair, soothing him with soft words. He pulled back and looked at the two of them. “I moved to position as Director for a few reasons.”

“H?” Speed moved next to Eric, his hands sliding over the harsh ridges. “Shrapnel? Did you get caught in an explosion?”

“We were hunting down a serial bomber.” He turned back towards them. “We caught him but he set a trap. Before I could react, he set a bomb off, taking himself out, and one cop, and I was barely able to get Calleigh down, taking the blunt on my back.”

“So they offered you the Directors position so you wouldn’t have to retire?” Eric asked, confused. Alexx hadn’t mentioned an accident, just that Horatio had been promoted.

“The day shift solve rate was higher than any other shift; add on my injuries and they knew I couldn’t go back into the field, so they moved me up instead of out,” H said.

“Does it bother you?” Speed asked he asked his hands moving down the exposed naked chest. “I have some warming oils in my room…”

“Planning something?” Eric teased his lover, kissing him behind his ear.

Speed gave him a quick kiss. “I like to be prepared. But for your information, the cold does do a number on my shoulder…reason I’m in Los Angeles; its warm.”

Horatio finished unbuttoning his lover’s shirt and tossed it next to the other two. His hand slid over the scar. Leaning over it, he pressed a soft kiss to the healed tissue, then moved down and took a nipple into his mouth, before dropping to his knees. The redhead cupped the bulge he found and savored the deep groan that came from Speed’s throat. It didn’t take long to have his lover completely stripped, his hard cock standing proud out of dark curls, pre-cum glistening on the head.

Horatio licked the head savoring the taste as it exploded on his tongue. His hands moved up the strong thighs, and a stray thought passed through his mind, wondering if he still rode his bike. He held the hips still as he took the hot member into his mouth, sucking on the head, his tongue sliding along the vein, causing Speed to thrust against Horatio’s hands.

“Oh God…missed this so much… please H…” He ran his hand into the soft red hair, gripping the strands as his cock was worked over. “I won’t last long…too long…”

Horatio took the full member into his mouth, his nose buried into the dark hair,, inhaling the muskiness that was Speed. Eric pulled Speed’s head toward him taking his mouth into a deep kiss, as his hands moved over the tight body. Tim was moaning in pleasure, lost in the sensations around him. He gasped, his head falling back against Eric’s shoulder as Horatio cupped his balls and rolled them.

Horatio sucked greedily on the hard cock, swallowing down all the pre-cum, lost in the taste and smell of Speed. He could tell Speed was close to the edge and reached behind his balls for the very center of him. He grinned when he encountered a second probing finger. Together they traced over his entrance, and with that touch Speed screamed out and spilled his seed down Horatio’s eager throat.

The older man licked his lover clean and stood up with a slight groan. There were days he really felt his age. Eric pulled wrapped his hand around Horatio’s head and pulled him into a deep kiss, sweeping his tongue through his mouth, tasting Speed’s essence. Both men groaned as the kiss deepened.

Speed watched his lovers, a smile on his face. He slipped away from them and moved towards the bed. The suite was elegant and comfortable, and the king size bed was perfect. He lay out on the bed and watched as Eric pushed the redhead towards the bed as he devoured his mouth. Speed could see the toll the five years had taken on them. The scars on both men, Horatio was moving a bit slower; not much but he noticed it on the way to the suite. Grey was starting to enter Eric’s hair, like it had invaded his own hair. Though there was not one grey or white hair in that full head of red, his eyes narrowed at the red. He got onto his knees and moved behind Horatio as Eric pushed onto the bed.

Speed ran his hand through the hair tugging it gently, only to get his hand pulled away and blue eyes looking at him curiously.

“You had to have dyed it.” Speed accused. “No way there is no grey.”

“Most redheads go white, and no I haven’t dyed it,” Horatio grumbled. “Give me a least some dignity; my bones may creek, but I’m just barely over fifty.”

Speed smirked at him, “Look pretty hot for an old man.”

“Old…” Horatio turned and pounced, pinning the laughing younger man to the bed. “Who’s the one with gray in his beard?”

“Got you there Speed.” Eric lay down next to them. “And I see some sprinkling in the chest hair…”

He growled at the two of them, “Well I’m pushing forty so gray hair is distinguished.”

“So does the distinguished professor still ride his Ducati?” Horatio sat up, straddling him.

“Of course I do, but for your information, I do own a car...”

The two men stared in shock at their lover.

“Really a car?”

“A real car?”

“One with doors?”

“And a trunk?”

“You two are so going to get it,” Speed growled at them. “Yes, a real car. A Mustang, convertible…”

“So a fast car with very little trunk space…” Horatio looked at Eric.

“You can’t talk, H, you still drive the Hummer.” Eric leaned over and kissed him.

“But it at least it as trunk space,” he defended with a smile.

Speed reached down and stroked Horatio’s erection through his pants. “I think a few people here are still over dressed.”

Eric slid off the bed and stripped off his pants. Speed eyed the hard cock like a starving man eyed a full course meal. Eric cupped his cock and began to stroke it slightly, getting both men’s attention.

“Want something?” he asked coyly.

“Get over here now,” Speed demanded.

“I think his position of power has gone to his head.” Eric climbed back onto the bed, staying just out of Speed’s reach as he stroked his cock. He moaned, closing his eyes. “Feels so good.”

Eric was suddenly pounced on and flat on his back looking up into dark lust filled eyes. He looked over at Horatio, who was lying on his side, a smirk on his face. Looking back at Speed, he grinned. “Now that you got me…” He moaned as Speed took his mouth into a deep kiss and then began to kiss a path down his chest. Eric arched into the touch, eyes closed at the feel of Speeds scruffy beard rubbing against his overheated skin.

Speed’s tongue dipped into Eric’s bellybutton, when he felt a slick finger at his entrance. He moaned into the warm skin and spread his legs apart as an invitation. His own hands spread Eric’s legs apart, caressing the inside of his thighs as he took the hard cock into his mouth.

Eric pushed up into the warm heat, moaning as he watched his dick disappear into Speed’s mouth. His moaned turned into a low sated groan when he looked up to see Horatio slip a finger into Tim’s tight ass.

“You’re awfully tight, Speed.” Horatio moved the digit in and out.

Speed let the hard cock pop out from his mouth, as he sat up, pushing the finger deeper into him. “It’s been a while.”

Eric leaned up on his elbows. “How long?”

“I haven’t taken another lover,” Speed whispered, his hips moving with Horatio’s finger. “Please, H, I need more.”

“I’m going to take my time.” He licked a path up Speed’s neck. “Keep Eric on the edge; I want to take you while you suck him dry.”

Speed took Eric’s cock into his hand, stroking it softly. “Feel good?”

Falling back against the pillows, he groaned in pleasure and pain, “You’re going to tease me.”

“Hell yeah.” Speed leaned forward and took the tip into his mouth sucking on it softly, teasing it with his tongue.

Horatio slipped two fingers in working over the tight hole stretching it. He was hard and aching, wanting nothing but to be buried balls deep into Speed. He crooked his finger and was rewarded with the muscles tightening around his fingers and a cry from Speed.

“Damn you, H,” he moaned, panting softly. “Please…”

“Patience.” Horatio kissed the back of his shoulder, his other hand reaching around him and stroking Eric’s aching cock. Eric thrust into the hand with a small cry. The redhead squeezed the base of the cock. “Not yet.”

“I’m agreeing with Speed here, tease!” Eric growled.

Speed turned his head and took Horatio’s mouth into a deep kiss. “Horatio, I need you so bad.”

Horatio pushed in three fingers, pumping them in and out. “You ready for me?” He kissed the back of Speed’s shoulder. “Ready for my cock to slip inside of you?”

“Yes… damn it… get inside of me…” Speed pushed back, his intent clear. He moaned deep in his throat as Horatio slowly slipped inside of him. There was a burning sensation at the initial stretching, but it soon faded to pleasure. His head bowed; he was lost in the feel of the hard cock sliding in and out of him. His eyes opened to see Eric’s throbbing member bouncing in front of him. Speed’s tongue lapped out and licked away the pre-cum before taking the cock into his mouth fully.

Tim’s senses were overloaded with pleasure. With each stroke of Horatio’s hard member his prostate was hit, sending waves of pleasure up his spine. Eric’s cock filled his mouth, the taste of pre-cum exploding on his tongue, and the young man’s musky sent filled his nostrils. It wouldn’t be long for either of them, all lost in the sensations and pleasure.
Eric’s head thrashed as Speed worked him over; he was so close to the edge to hold on till his lovers came. The moment his scruffy lover took his full length down his throat and swallowed around the head, he lost it and screamed out his release, sending his seed down Speed’s throat.

Eric smiled up at his lover, who was licking his lips like a cat who just had a bowl of cream. Soon though Speed was panting and moaning as Horatio’s thrusts became stronger and harder. He watched as the redhead strove for completion, lost in the feel of being inside the tight heat.

Eric sat up and took a hold Speed’s renewed erection; just one touch was enough to set him off, spilling all over Eric’s hand. His muscles clamped around Horatio, who thrust hard into his lover and screamed out his own release, collapsing against Speed.

The three some how got themselves cleaned up and curled up under the covers. Horatio held Speed close to his chest, while Eric curled into Speed, his hand resting on the redhead’s stomach. He kissed the dark hair of both of his lovers and slipped off into a content sleep, for the first time in five years.

~ A Year Later ~

“No.” Horatio eyed both his lovers. “Not doing it. No.”

“It would be fun, like returning …” Eric sat up in the bed, kissing the redhead’s shoulder.

“Have you seen the news, read the newspaper? Major snow storm, ice everywhere. Its DAMN Cold!” Horatio pointed out, not letting them persuade him.

“But H,” Speed added just enough whine to his voice, “I think it would be great to get the same suite…”

“Don’t even get the pout.” Horatio threw his hands up in frustration. “Damn you two. The fact it’s nine below zero with a wind chill factor of negative twelve mean anything to you?”

“Like we’re going to go outside,” Eric pointed out.

“We have to get to the cab, and then from the cab to the hotel door.”

Speed snickered. “Miami boy.”

“This is coming from Mr. California, who whined when it got forty-five degrees,” the redhead replied. “You two really want to go back to Chicago and attend the annual conference. A conference, I might add, we never attended because we spent the whole time in bed.”

“Best conference I ever attended.” Speed smirked. “We can get Miami-Dade to pay for the suite…”

Horatio laughed giving up the game. “Well aren’t you two lucky I had already registered for the conference and had my secretary fill out the paperwork.”

“You!” Eric growled and pushed the redhead down onto the bed. “The whole time you were planning it.”

“Of course I was.” He gave them a sad smile. “It’s where I started to live again.”

Speed leaned over and kissed him deeply. “Where we all began to live again.”

“I love you both so much.” Horatio cupped both their cheeks, the emotion thick in his voice.

“Love you, too,” Speed whispered lying down next to him, kissing his shoulder as Horatio pulled him close. “And of course you too.” He smiled up at Eric.

Eric kissed each of them before following Speed’s example and lying on the opposite side of Horatio. “Now that we have that settled, can we get back to what we we’re doing?” He eased into Horatio’s side. “Oh and I love you guys, too.”

The three snickered as they slowly fell back to sleep, content in their new life.

~ The End ~

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